ZenGo Announces New Version & Android Support
ZenGo Announces New Version & Android Support

Will These Upgrades Increase ZenGo's Userbase?


Mobile wallets are very commonly used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. While they offer the security capabilities of cold storage wallets, they tend to be very convenient. This is especially true for small amounts of cryptocurrency for day-to-day transactions.

Most mobile wallets tend to be rather similar to each other, with variations on which currencies are supported. One exception is ZenGo who released the first keyless wallet.


ZenGo & Updates

Instead of using a standard private key, ZenGo wallet developed "mathematical secret shares". One share is stored on a user's device & the other on ZenGo's server, removing the need for a 24-word seed phrase.

Earlier today ZenGo have released a major announcement:

After a long wait, Android users can finally make use of ZenGo. Further reading into their announcement on their blog, shows that ERC-20 support is here. Tether, Maker & Dai have also been shown as examples of ERC-20 tokens in their blog post. This is in addition to Bitcoin & Binance coin support.

While this is inherently a positive development for ZenGo, the lack of further cryptocurrency support may stop it from reaching its full potential. Some top cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & EOS are not supported. Bitcoin Maximalists won't be bothered by this & ZenGo promised support of additional cryptocurrencies in the future, but it might deter some users.


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