YouTube Reinstates Cryptocurrency Content Citing Mistake
YouTube Reinstates Cryptocurrency Content Citing Mistake

Will Cryptocurrency Content Creators Stick with Google?


Last Wednesday, during Christmas day many cryptocurrency content creators woke up to quite a surprise. Many different channels and videos on the topic of cryptocurrencies have been removed. The official reasons for removal had varied depending on the video or channel.

It is important to note that while many different channels, podcasts, and analysis videos were removed some others weren't. The reasoning behind the selection of videos that were removed was puzzling to say the least.

The removal of cryptocurrency content caused an uproar on Twitter amongst many cryptocurrency fans. Some, including Mati Greenspan have begun an erase YouTube movement along with the hashtag #YTcryptoPurge.

It appears that this campaign was a success. A few days after the online protest began, YouTube claimed that the removal of videos was done in error.

The wide majority of cryptocurrency videos and content have now returned to YouTube. The question is: "Has YouTube done irreparable damage to their reputation?"

The answer to that is probably. Many creators are still looking for a censorship resistant and/or blockchain solution as a back-up. While these platforms will not dethrone YouTube as the king of online video streaming anytime soon, they could grow in popularity.

Having back-ups on other platforms would be the wisest choice for content creators. Lets just hope we see some good blockchain based video platforms in the future.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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