Tyler Winklevoss Responds to XRP Fan Regarding Gemini Listing
Tyler Winklevoss Responds to XRP Fan Regarding Gemini Listing

Will XRP Ever Get Listed on Gemini?

Earlier this week an XRP fan on Twitter wrote up a post on Twitter and tagged the SEC and the Winklevoss brothers, who own Gemini exchange. In his tweet he seemingly vented frustration that the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by marketcap, XRP was not listed on the prominent exchange. The user implied that the Winklevoss' or Gemini were somehow breaking anti-trust laws by not listing the coin.


XRP vs Gemini?

Tyler Winklevoss responded a few days later with a rather interesting tweet of his own.



Bitcoin has been declared not a security by SEC Chairman Clayton as far back as 2018. The SEC has also hinted during the Kik ICO court-case that Ethereum is not a security as well. Even though both Ethereum and Bitcoin are not securities in the eyes of the U.S. Government, they have yet to comment on XRP.

The SEC has targeted several ICOs in the past as being unregistered securities. This included the aforementioned Kin, Telegram's Gram token sale, and Bitcoiin2Gen, to name a few. Despite that many different top cryptocurrencies seem to be in a "grey area", as the SEC has not mentioned them at all. This includes XRP, Litecoin and many other top cryptocurrencies.

Regardless, tagging the SEC as a form of appeal to get a certain cryptocurrency listed is probably not the best course of action. This only manages to antagonize exchange owners and create conflict. Perhaps creating a poll would have been a better way to catch Tyler Winklevoss' attention.


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