XRP Trades at A Very Patriotic Price Over 4th of July Weekend
XRP Trades at A Very Patriotic Price Over 4th of July Weekend

Just A Coincidence? XRP trades at $0.1776 on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is a big deal for most Americans. Many U.S. citizens enjoy an additional day off to celebrate the United States' independence from Britain with barbeques and fireworks.

Most cryptocurrencies have had a pretty slow Independence Day weekend without much movement one way or another. Despite that, some users on Twitter have noticed an interesting and somewhat patriotic price pattern.


Patriotic Prices?



It appears that Gold, and XRP all traded at a number reflecting 1776 during the 4th of July. Silver traded a tiny bit higher, at 18.06 according to XE. 1776 is of course the year of the American Declaration of Independence.

Both XRP and gold have declined slightly since with gold trading at $1774 and XRP at $0.176947 currently.


XRP & the Future

The cryptocurrency markets have been very stable outside of the DeFi ecosystem. XRP like Bitcoin has also been stable and seems to be waiting for a possible breakout in the future. The only catch currently is that XRP is influenced by Bitcoin's price and a somewhat uncertain global market due to Covid-19.

Ripple has been making strides with cross border payments, however. Currencycloud has been the latest out of many to make use of RippleNet. Should these partnerships and integrations make use of XRP, it could be a big boon to Holders.


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