Woman Wants to Divorce Husband Over BTC Losses
Woman Wants to Divorce Husband Over BTC Losses

Asks "Am I the A**hole?" on Reddit

2018 and part of 2019 was called "the crypto winter" by many due to huge losses. Bitcoin tumbled from its all-time-high of nearly $20K during December 2017 to $3400 in roughly a year. This massive market reversal caused many newcomers to the cryptocurrency space at a loss.

These losses have caused a lot of anguish and personal issues to investors and individuals. Many have reported massive losses while expecting gains. It appears that it may have even broken up a marriage or 2.

Am I the Asshole?

It appears that a female Redditor from Switzerland has posted a bit of a long rant regarding her husbands Bitcoin trading. In the post, she describes the awful exchange of events leading to her considering divorce. Apparently her husband took 25% of their joined savings account without notifying or consulting with her to invest at Bitcoin. Her husband apparently panic sold causing massive losses. As per the post:

"When my husband got home, I showed him the accounts and after some pushing, he admitted that he lost 200k in cryptocurrency in 2018. This is about 25% of our savings. Besides being shocked and angry, I cannot help to feel that he stole from me. He put money into something stupid without talking to me and then tried to hide it. I was thinking about this for a week and talked to my friends and family about it. They think we should see a doctor and talk about it, try to work out the problem. But I honestly just want to get divorced. If he is capable of doing this, how can I trust him ever again? AITA for not wanting to talk about it or go to therapy? AITA for thinking about divorce?"

She later clarified that she would be almost as angry if he profited from Bitcoin, because the major issue was that he betrayed her trust.

It might be best for traders to notify their significant others before making a major investment.



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