Will 4Chan's Bitcoin Price Prophecy Remain True?
Will 4Chan's Bitcoin Price Prophecy Remain True?

Will Bitcoin Double its Value and Hit $16,000?


Bitcoin has had a relative stable summer with prices fluctuating above $10,000 for roughly a 3-4month period. Unfortunately, summer is over and with it so too was much of the market's optimism as Bitcoin slid under $10,000.

With Bitcoin trading at $8,298 currently, it lost close to 20% of its value since mid-September. We have previously speculated that Bitcoin's price dip is linked to Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures. While many have anticipated that Bakkt would push Bitcoin's price up, it seems to have had the opposite effect.


The 4Chan Asuka Bitcoin Prophecy & A Bit of Hope

4chan is often the hidden epicenter of the internet. The anonymous imageboard is where many scandals are made public and also random "shitposting" occurs. Amongst the many boards for different topics /biz/ is nestled. It is one of the most important message boards related cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this year in January, an anonymous user made what is becoming a famous Bitcoin price prediction. So far it has been shockingly accurate.

While it is only the 3rd of October currently, Bitcoin is a notoriously volatile asset. It is a tad unlikely, but not unheard of for Bitcoin to have a 50% price increase in a short span of time. In the notorious 2017 Bitcoin bull-run, Bitcoin's price spiked from $10,000 to nearly $20,000 in roughly two weeks. In addition to that, the 4chan Asuka Bitcoin price prophecy was oddly accurate in its previous two predictions.

With nearly four weeks to go, we will find out whether Asuka was correct.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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