WhatsApp Crypto Adoption?
WhatsApp Crypto Adoption?

New Bot Allows Transfer of Cryptocurrencies

WhatsApp users and crypto enthusiasts rejoice! A recently launched WhatsApp bot was announced via Twitter. This bot will allow easy transfer of both Bitcoin & Litecoin between WhatsApp users. Seeing the mass userbase of WhatsApp worldwide, this is a big development. As per the announcement:

"Zulu Republic


we are happy to announce that from today you can send and receive #bitcoin & #litecoin on #WhatsApp via @liteim_official ! try it yourself here: … @FranklynCrypto @SatoshiLite @CharlieShrem @CCNMarkets @GLRalf"


Why WhatsApp Matters

WhatsApp is considered the most popular messaging app in the world. The app has been installed by over 89 million android users alone and many more on iOS as well. It is the second largest social media app on phones and the standard of messaging in most of the world.

Lite.IM WhatsApp bot

All WhatsApp users need to do is add Lite.IM's bot and follow some basic instructions. Users can select the cryptocurrency of their choice, language and other settings.

This is not the first time Lite.IM released a bot for messengers. They have previously released cryptocurrency transfer bots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. WhatsApp however, has a much larger userbase than both Messenger and Telegram.

Facebook Coin?

Lite.IM seems to be in direct competition with the concept of "Facebook Coin". Facebook coin is a rumored cryptocurrency to be developed by Facebook. It is pegged to the value of the US dollar and would be transferable via WhatsApp and Facebook primarily.

The only difference is the fact that Facebook coin would be a stablecoin while Lite.IM would support Bitcoin & Litecoin.

Either way, Bitcoin & Litecoin adopters can now send funds across the world using WhatsApp.


Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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