Warren Buffet - Justin Sun Lunch Delayed
Warren Buffet - Justin Sun Lunch Delayed

Just Kidney Stones or Something Worse?

News of Justin Sun's charity lunch with Warren Buffet has been making headlines for the past few months. Sun, the founder of the cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) has reportedly paid a whopping $4,567,888 for a chance to break bread with Buffet. Sun has been tweeting frequently about the lunch with the industry titan, up to 4 hours before the surprise delay.

Kidney stones are notoriously unpleasant and inconvenient. In dire cases, it could even require surgery to remove the stones. That being said, it is hardly a life threatening condition. The timing and notice of the delay are a bit suspicious and have caused the online rumor mill to go a bit wild. Another thing of interest is the fact that no future date has been scheduled as of yet.

Weibo Woes?

Weibo, the dominant social media website in China has reportedly gone wild with rumors and speculation. Some have even made allegations that Justin Sun is in serious legal issues with Chinese authorities. This is not the first time such rumors have spread and have been proven to be false at a later date.

One can suppose that if it is indeed trouble with the Chinese authorities, the truth will take months to come out.


Written by Jonathan Ganor

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