Blockchain Influencer Awards To be Revealed Soon
Blockchain Influencer Awards To be Revealed Soon

Who Will Be Named Top Influencers of 2020?

Nearly every online community has figureheads and influencers. The world of cryptocurrencies is no different and has roughly 2 to 3 dozen influencers which have thousands of fans and followers. While the majority might be CEO's and heads of projects, podcasters, journalists, and others are also included.

Ever since 2018's NYC Blockchain Week in 2018, an annual blockchain influencer award has taken place. Due to current concerns regarding the Covid-19  pandemic, it will be broadcasted virtually in roughly 5 days. Participation is free of cost.


2020 Blockchain Influencer Awards

There have been over 18 categories announced in 2020's Blockchain Influencer Awards. Voting can be done here. This includes categories such as: Best Youtuber, Best Twitter feed, Best Project, Funniest Influencer, and Best Public Figure.

While the site claims that voting will be permitted between April 12th to April 19th, voting still seems to be active on the website. Additionally, a some of the influencers have recently tweeted regarding the awards, requesting that their fans vote for them.

Despite not having an agenda published, the award ceremony will likely take place on the final day of Virtual Blockchain Week, which is the 2nd of May.

The Virtual Blockchain Week is one of a handful of virtual conferences that will take place this May. Other notable virtual conferences include Ethereal Virtual Summit, which will take place on the 7-8th of May, and Consensus Distributed which will take place on May 11-15th.

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