Justin Sun Says, "TRON is A Shitcoin" But TRX Gains in Price
Justin Sun Says, "TRON is A Shitcoin" But TRX Gains in Price

Will Blockstream & TRON Collaboration Be A Thing?

Justin Sun & TRON are a bit of a controversial figures in the world of cryptocurrencies. TRON have been accused of plagiarizing sections of their whitepaper from Filecoin & IFPS. While Sun shook this off as an intern's error in translating the documents, there have been a few other bad PR moves done by Sun & TRON.

This includes Sun's effort to send masks and aid to Wuhan China which is currently the epicenter of the Coronavirus, and his recent tribute to LA Lakers Kobi Bryant. Both were considered cynical selfless promotion by some as the TRON logo was very visible in both.  

Justin Sun & McCormack Call TRON A Shitcoin

A few hours ago, popular Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack uploaded a video with TRON's Justin Sun. In the short video Sun who appears to be under the influence said: "Buy my shitcoin!". McCormack later asks "is TRON a valid coin or a shitcoin?" to which Sun exclaimed "Shitcoin!". Sun later mentioned something about rival project, Ethereum and the video ends with all participants saying "Buy his shitcoin immediately!"

It seems that TRON's price hasn't been affected by Sun's antics and has even risen slightly. TRON has risen by 1% in the past 24 hours and seems to be one of the trailing Bitcoin's rise. TRX is currently trading at $0.0220 and could make further gains depending on market conditions.

It will be interesting to see how Justin Sun's newfound friendship with Bitcoin maximalists and the Blockstream crowd plays out. Both seem intent on downplaying Ethereum and its influence within the cryptocurrency space.

Some questions still remain, however. Could liquid improve TRON in a technical sense? Will there be any actual collaboration between Blockstream and TRON?

While this seems unlikely now, stranger things have happened.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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