Tezos Fan Attempts to Recreate Viral Dogecoin TikTok Video
Tezos Fan Attempts to Recreate Viral Dogecoin TikTok Video

Can Lightning Strike the Same Spot Twice?

Last week a viral video on TikTok sent the markets into a spiral. The video introduced TikTok users to Dogecoin (DOGE) and claimed "Let's all get rich!" and purchase $25 of the cryptocurrency. The video claimed if everyone would purchase Dogecoin, its price would reach $1.

While Dogecoin did not quite hit the $1 mark, DOGE managed to increase by more than 85% before the price corrected itself. The video drew attention from the staff of Barstool Sports & TRON's Justin Sun who declared that he would invest more in TikTok marketing.

It seems that it was just a matter of time until someone tried to recreate Dogecoin's Viral Video.


Tezos' TikTok Time

Earlier today a user by the name of RookieXBT tried to recreate the Dogecoin magic. The user posted the video both on Twitter & TikTok.



While Tezos (XTZ) does seem to be a high-performing altcoin with many benefits, it is unlikely to go viral on TikTok for a few reasons.

The first and primary reason is the fact that Tezos is not listed on the popular trading app Robinhood. Robinhood does have a list of 17 cryptocurrency assets with a few obscure choices that are less popular than Tezos.

The second reason is Tezos' price. The reason that Dogecoin was selected was due to its price. It is currently trading at $0.008 and was trading for less before the video.  As such $25 invested would become 8214 DOGE and if the price of DOGE eventually would hit $1, investors would have earned massively.

Despite the video, altseason has seemingly arrived, and we might hear more news on Tezos.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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