Surfaced Document Suggest Kleiman - Wright Heading to Settlement
Surfaced Document Suggest Kleiman - Wright Heading to Settlement

Will Ira Kleiman Become one of the World's Richest Men as A Result?


The self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright is a controversial figure in the world of cryptocurrencies. The founder of BSV was brought into court by the brother of his former business partner, Dave Kleiman. Ira Kleiman was suing for half of Wright's his bitcoin holdings and intellectual property. The Kleiman Wright $10 billion court case was ruled in Kleiman's favor less than a month ago. Judge Reinhart presided over the case ruled in favor of the Kleiman estate but declined to comment on Wright's claim to be Satoshi.


Will Kleiman & Wright Settle?

A document has been leaked online that seems to show that Kleiman and Wright are looking to settle out of court.

There are several different options and outcomes that could occur as a response to this settlement.

Should Kleiman insist on receiving the full 500K Bitcoin, he'd owe estate taxes and be forced to sell a portion of his holdings. This is something that could crash the cryptocurrency markets.

There is also the option that Wright has lied and has no access to Satoshi's 500K Bitcoin fortune. This would lead Wright to possibly settle in fiat or BSV. This would also lead to a much smaller settlement amount. Should Wright choose to settle in BSV, it could have deep negative implications for BSV's price.

One anonymous source claimed that the settlement will most likely be $12 million dollars in addition to legal fee costs. This will likely be paid in fiat.

This settlement might require Ira Kleiman to declare Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto.  If this is correct, this could finally be a win for Wright, although it is way too early to tell.

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