Sirin Labs Announces New Partnership
Sirin Labs Announces New Partnership

Collaboration with Simplex Allows Users to Purchase Cryptocurrencies

One of the most successful ICOs of 2017, Sirin Labs, announced a meaningful partnership earlier today. The blockchain phone manufacturer has partnered with crypto payment processing company Simplex. This partnership allows Sirin users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies over their phone with nearly any debit or credit card. This will help many, from crypto novices to experienced traders to purchase cryptocurrencies with ease. As per the announcement:

"This integration marks that first step in making crypto more accessible to novice users, as well as simplifies trading for our seasoned crypto community." said Sirin Labs CEO Zvika Landau.

A Bit About Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs was one of the largest ICOs of 2017. They have managed to raise the equivalent of a whopping $157 M in less than 2 weeks. The ultra-secure phone manufacturer introduced the Finney, the world's first blockchain phone and Sirin Token. It came with a the most secure crypto wallet ever seen in a phone, a cold storage wallet.

Sirin's cold storage wallet set it apart from the pack. It is essentially a separate device from the phone. This is a more secure option than the competitors

The Future

HTC announced its second blockchain based phone, the HTC Exodus 2 and Samsung is releasing crypto wallets in new Samsung Galaxy phones. It seems that there is quite a bit demand for blockchain smart phones.

While this announcement is undoubtedly positive for fans and users of Sirin phones, we were hoping for news of a Finney 2. Hopefully sometime in the future it will be announced.



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