Brock Pierce Announces Sense Chat Early Access
Brock Pierce Announces Sense Chat Early Access

Will Sense Chat Be the Killer App for EOS?

Earlier today known cryptocurrency entrepreneur and former child actor Brock Peirce has tweeted regarding the next big dApp release on EOS. In the tweet Pierce revealed that Sense Chat, a messaging app based on EOS's blockchain is now open for early access sign-ups.



What Sense Chat Unique?

This new dApp will allow users to earn SENSE tokens while chatting or by inviting friends and family members. The messenger will have high security and encryption features, possibly somewhat similar to the better-known Telegram messenger app. Additionally with the use of a peer-to-peer verification method, scams, spam, and fake accounts should be nearly non-existent.

In addition to Brock Pierce, notable venture capitalist and cryptocurrency fan Tim Draper is part of the dApps board of directors.

It is important to stress that the early access for Sense Chat does not allow you to download the app just yet. Instead it puts you on a waitlist which will notify you the moment the app is available to the public.


What the Future May Hold

Sense Chat might be one of the more ambitious dApps built on EOS recently along with Voice. EOS's blockchain-based social media platform Voice has been released as a private beta earlier this year.

Hypothetically the release of both products could increase the popularity of EOS as a blockchain platform. This could in-turn bolster EOS's price in the long term.


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