Ripple Looking for Director of Loans Suggesting Lending Might be Next
Ripple Looking for Director of Loans Suggesting Lending Might be Next

Will Ripple Attempt to DeFi?

Yesterday, Ripple have posted an interesting new job offering for their San Francisco based office. The blockchain payment giant is apparently expanding & looking for a new Director of Product Management in loans.


The opening was published on GreenHouse a HR website, and Ripple's official website which confirms its authenticity. As per their post, here is what they are planning:



Ripple & Lending

While lending in cryptocurrency has been pretty much limited to Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem, it looks like Ripple is looking to take a piece of the action.

While not much is known about Ripple's aspirations for the future, this may not be a full-fledged move into banking. Seeing that banking would require a specific license, their lending project might be used in a different manner.

It could potentially be used as a way to facilitate XRP loans for payments on RippleNet as a Twitter user speculated. While this is very different than most DeFi protocols operate on Ethereum, it could help boost XRP's value.

The lending of XRP on RippleNet could potentially be a huge development for Ripple and XRP by extension.


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