Possible Scam Alert! BitConnect's Promoters Now Pushing HEX
Possible Scam Alert! BitConnect's Promoters Now Pushing HEX

Will Trevon James & Craig Grant Fool Thousands at Youtube Once Again?

BitConnect was one of the worst scams to have ever hit the cryptocurrency space. It was released in 2016 and operated as a cryptocurrency (BCC) with a high-yield investment program. BitConnect offered users to lock in the value of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with 1% daily compound interest. The investment program was later revealed to be an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

On January 17th, 2018 BitConnect's website shut down without notice and the currency, BCC dropped to zero.  

There were A few attempts to revive BitConnect including a version which now runs on Ethereum.


Hex & BitConnect Promoters

Founded by Richard Heart, HEX has drawn a very mixed reaction from the cryptocurrency community. Some have labeled it a scam since it was announced, while others claim it is legit. Promotions for HEX appeared on ThePirateBay and other websites.  HEX was even featured in a Yahoo Finance article which explained how it worked.

What made many very suspicious of HEX was a multi-level marketing scheme which offered very high referral fees. This echoed BitConnect's tactics. Oddly enough two of BitConnect's best known promoters Trevon James & Craig Grant are now openly promoting HEX.

Richard Heart claims that by having these two questionable YouTubers as promoters they will not promote "some other bullsh*t".

These two helped make BitConnect a popular cryptocurrency and caused thousands to lose their hard-earned cash. Having them in anyways means or form actively promoting HEX, makes the project seem even less legitimate.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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