Popular Wallet BitGo Announces EOS Support
Popular Wallet BitGo Announces EOS Support

Will EOS Pump as A Result?

There are many different Bitcoin & cryptocurrency wallets available. One of the more popular choices is BitGo. Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, BitGo offers multi-sig Bitcoin wallets and custodial services. In addition to this, BitGo offers insurance from hacks. BitGo boasts custody of the equivalent of over $100 M.

Recently, BitGo has been adding support for additional coins and tokens. This list has slowly expanded to over 9 cryptocurrencies and their derivative tokens. This past Friday, BitGo have announced support for another major cryptocurrency, EOS.

"Our culture and approach at BitGo has always been to build infrastructure and platforms to help drive the global economy." We are excited to extend this infrastructure to support EOS for our clients.

 BitGo CTO Ben Chan

A Bit About EOS

One of the most successful ICOs of 2017, EOS has managed to deliver many of its promises unlike many other ICOs. It's mainnet launched in 2018 and it is currently #8 on coinmarketcap. Like many other alts, 2019 has been a rough year for EOS. It is currently trading at $3.63 which is a big increase from $2.60 which it stood in January. Its Bitcoin valuation has dropped though.

It may be hard to specify when, but alt-season may be around the corner. Bitcoin has remained at roughly the same rate for the past 2 months while plenty of positive developments occur. Hypothetically, the more positive developments that happen should positively affect the price. However it will require that the developments are meaningful unlike EOS's Voice announcement.


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