Poloniex Delists Digibyte Following Tweetstorm
Poloniex Delists Digibyte Following Tweetstorm

Will Digibyte Get Picked Up by Gemini Instead?


Earlier this week Digibyte founder Jared Tate vented some frustration regarding the cryptocurrency industry on Twitter. Tate took aim at Binance's CZ & TRON's Justin Sun in particular and even referred to them as "crooks".  

Later Tate elaborated on how the two individuals were negative to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in his opinion. He claimed that ICOs, premined projects, and centralized DPOS models are the anti-thesis to cryptocurrencies goal of decentralization.


Poloniex Takes Action Against Digibyte

Purchased recently purchased by Polo Digital Assets, Poloniex was one of the larger exchanges offering Digibyte. Unfortunately for Digibyte, Polo Digital Assets is led by TRON's Justin Sun. In what can essentially be seen as a bitter move, Poloniex have announced that they are delisting Digibyte.

Poloniex's announcement drew a lot of confusion and criticism on Twitter. Digibyte has been listed on Poloniex for years, what move could have disqualified Digibyte from Poloniex's listing standards? Besides Tate's personal criticism of Justin Sun & TRON no major changes have been made to Digibyte.

Tate responded with a further scathing criticism of TRON & Poloniex.

So far it seems that the majority of Twitter is siding with Tate at this point. Some have even gone as far as to request other exchanges list Digibyte as a result. Others claimed to have purchased Digibyte as following the conflict.

Moments like these can make or break a cryptocurrency. Should other exchanges add a listing of Digibyte, it could have a bright future. If it doesn't get listed and traded on other exchanges, it could slowly sputter out and fail, like Bitcoin Private.


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