Binance Unveils Euro & British Pound Deposits
Binance Unveils Euro & British Pound Deposits

Which Currency Will Binance Add Next?


It seems that Binance is on a mission to add nearly every major global currency as a deposit option on their exchange. Just a few days ago, Binance have added the Russian Ruble as a fiat gateway. Last week they onboarded the Indian Rupee. These recent additions fueled online speculation that more fiat gateways will be added soon, and it appears that they were correct.


Binance Reveals EUR & GBP Gateways

While we have previously speculated that Binance will add fiat gateways for Latin American countries, it appears that we were mistaken. The next fiat gateways added by Binance were Euro & the British Pound.

These recent additions bring the total number on fiat gateways available on Binance to a whopping 10. This includes currencies such as the Nigerian Naira, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia and Kazakhstani Tenge.

Seeing that Binance has onboarded many different national currencies as fiat gateways in a short time period, it seems that they won't stop soon. We will likely hear of additional fiat currency gateways added in the near future. Perhaps the next will be the Australian or Canadian Dollar or maybe our previous guess was correct.

It seems that Binance's mission is to become the largest global exchange. By onboarding many different fiat currencies, they are on their way to reach it.


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