Peter Schiff Claims to Have Lost All of His Bitcoin Holdings
Peter Schiff Claims to Have Lost All of His Bitcoin Holdings

Could Peter Recover His BTC?


Peter Schiff has long been a controversial figure in the world of Bitcoin. The economist is primarily known for his vocal distaste of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while promoting gold as a safe investment. This might be why he has earned the nickname "goldbug".


Peter Schiff & Bitcoin

Despite agreeing with many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fans regarding their criticism of fiat currencies, Schiff has had plenty of incorrect takes in the past. This includes him calling Bitcoin the worst performing asset in the decade and claiming Bitcoin has no inherent value.

At times Schiff's criticisms seem to show a lack of understanding of cryptocurrencies and technology. This became even more obvious with his latest tweet.

It seems that Schiff lost the password to his mobile Bitcoin wallet. This prompted Schiff to criticize the cryptocurrency once again. Apparently, Schiff's password is incorrect and that seems to be causing the error. It does not seem that anything malicious has occurred to his wallet. This could mean that his Bitcoin can essentially be recovered if he manages to find his seed phrase.

One can wonder if Peter Schiff will change his tune if his Bitcoin ends up recovered.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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