Over $12,000 AUD Raised in Crypto to Fight Bushfires
Over $12,000 AUD Raised in Crypto to Fight Bushfires

Using Cryptocurrencies for Good Causes


The bushfires in Australia are devastating the country. Over six million hectares of land have been obliterated by the fires which have also taken 23 lives. Six additional individuals have been reported missing with a concern for their wellbeing. The air quality in Melbourne, NSW & Tasmania has been recorded as 'very poor' by the Environment Protection Authority and many have evacuated their homes. Unfortunately, the fires are still raging down under.

Seeing the magnitude of the disaster, a few charities were launched to provide relief for Australia and Australians affected. An Australian cryptocurrency education website Nugget's News recently launched a cryptocurrency fundraiser to fight the bushfires. Funds donated go towards assisting the Rural Fire Service (RFS) in Australia.

So far over $12,000 AUD was raised and they have accepted a handful of different cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binancecoin, and Litecoin.

Seeing the extent of the damages which also claimed 1,500 homes in the state of NSW anticipated damage assessment is in the billions. In cases of natural disaster such as this, international aid efforts and donations plays a big part.

By using cryptocurrencies, charities are more transparent as any movement of funds can be tracked in the blockchain. This could help the transparency and reputation of charities.

Congrats to Nugget's News for their efforts and raising $12,000 AUD for the cause.

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