Outages Reported as Some of Google's Servers Allegedly Crashed
Outages Reported as Some of Google's Servers Allegedly Crashed

Did the Tech Behemoth Just Make A Case for Web 3.0?


Many of us have been dependent on Google for our day-to day lives. It is the default search engine of choice for many, and they also offer a plethora of other services. This includes their calendar, docs, analytics and other services. It seems that avoiding Google's services is nearly impossible at times.

Unfortunately, many have reported outages with some of Google's services across the globe.


Google's Down?

Unconfirmed reports claim that Google's Kubernetes engine is down. This means that their calendar service as well as their analytics are not functioning. The search engine and Gmail are unaffected for now as well as Google Sheets, Docs, & Drive.

Users from across the globe receive a "500 error" which refers to server failure. We are encountering similar difficulties. It is unknown how long the outage will continue for, but a rough estimate of 30 minutes could be anticipated.

It is unlikely that this is a form of hack at this moment and most likely a simple server error.

One thing is clear, these outage's make a good case for Web 3.0 and a decentralized internet. Blockchain based internet would be censorship resistant and hypothetically couldn't be stopped by server outages. Lets just hope that either Ethereum or a different smart contract-based cryptocurrency can get it done soon.


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