Opera for Android Adds Cryptocurrency Support
Opera for Android Adds Cryptocurrency Support

New Version of Opera for Android Integrates Ethereum Wallet


Public interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is far from gone. The more time that passes we tend to see greater public adoption of Bitcoin specifically and cryptocurrencies in general. Adoption seems to be uncorrelated to the price of Bitcoin.

Many large companies have begun to adopt cryptocurrencies in one way or another. Samsung has integrated a cryptocurrency wallet on some newer models of Galaxy phones. HTC have enabled users to run a full Bitcoin node on their new HTC Exodus 2. Even the sports brand Nike has looked into tokenization and blockchain technology.

It seems like the latest company to adopt cryptocurrencies is none other than the internet browser Opera.


Opera & Ether

In an announcement released earlier today, Opera announced some changes to it's latest mobile version. While these changes are only for Android at the moment, it is likely that we will see them on iOS sometime in the future. The changes are primarily UI/UX and design changes, which display softer edges and a bit of a sleeker design. In addition to that, Opera have rolled out another benefit, a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

As per now, Opera's wallet only supports Ethereum and Ether-based tokens (ERC-20, ERC-721) but this might change. On Opera's official FAQ, they have announced that they will add additional cryptocurrencies in the near future. This means that Bitcoin will likely receive support soon.

While many cryptocurrency enthusiasts use the Brave browser, this move might increase Opera's popularity.

Just be sure not to store a substantial amount of cryptocurrencies on a mobile phone as it isn't considered the most secure option.

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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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