"Ok Bitcoiner" Vitalik Attempts to Clap Back at Twitter Critics
"Ok Bitcoiner" Vitalik Attempts to Clap Back at Twitter Critics

Will Vitalik Block Trolls Following Near Non-Stop Criticism


The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin is a pretty big personality in the world of cryptocurrencies. During the past few days, Vitalik has been going though some harsh criticism on Twitter by fellow industry leaders. Most of the criticism has been directed against Ethereum although some of it seems personal.


How the Vitalik Twitter Criticism Began

The flame war against Vitalik has mainly been propagated by self-declared Bitcoin maximalists and seems to have kicked off with Blockstream CEO Adam Back.

Adam Back's sharp and cutting comparison seems to have caused a stampede of similar comments. This was followed by podcaster Peter McCormack who tweeted that "Ethereum is vapourware nonsense". Other popular figures joined in  claiming that Ethereum isn't scalable or that it was just a vehicle for ICO scams. Some have even brought up Vitalik's role as an advisor for a few ICOs.

For the most part, Vitalik sidestepped or didn't respond to criticismsthat has been ongoing for the last few days. One specific comment calling for him to step down has managed to provoke a response.

It seems that Vitalik has tried to clap back at critics by altering the "Ok boomer" meme. This short response is meant to be a reply for younger generations against baby boomer's criticism's. This also seems to suggest that Vitalik believes Bitcoin is older antiquated tech.

This response might not calm all of the criticisms directed at Ethereum's creator. Should this continue, we might see Vitalik block critics or even perhaps take a break from Twitter.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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