New HTC Blockchain Phone Announced
New HTC Blockchain Phone Announced

Taiwanese Phone Manufacturer Teases 2nd Blockchain Phone

The HTC Exodus made waves when originally announced in October 2018. They were the 3rd company to launch a blockchain-based phone, and the 1st mainstream manufacturer to launch one. HTC faced harsh competition from Sirin Labs' Finney and Samsung, which recently launched the Galaxy S10 which supports cryptocurrencies. It appears that interest from phone manufacturers is far from disappearing.

HTC Exodus 2?

While it is not confirmed whether the new phone will be called the HTC Exodus 2, it will be the spiritual successor to the Exodus. HTC's Chief Decentralization Officer, Phil Chen, revealed a bit about HTC's plans to the media.

"In addition to supporting the management of cryptocurrencies and related transactions, and virtualized personal electronics wallet seen in the prior generation, the new phone will extend its blockchain apps to include other areas such as browsing, messaging, and social media" Chen said.

Functions Confirmed

It appears that the next HTC blockchain phone will have all the functionality the Exodus had and more. This includes the social key restore, which allows you to recover your private keys if your phone is lost or stolen.

It also appears that it will support blockchain based social media and messaging. This might be a hint that HTC might support Basic Attention Token (BAT), Steemit (STEEM) and/or Status (SNT).

The Bottom Line

The HTC Exodus is an amazing phone and still one of the better blockchain phones out there. The next HTC phone seems like it will have further blockchain and cryptocurrency support. This makes HTC a serious contender for possibly the best blockchain phone out there. The only possible competitor that can still compete is Sirin's aging Finney. (Can we see a Finney 2 soon?)

The one thing I'd personally like to see from HTC is the improved security on their wallet and perhaps cold storage.



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