More Crypto Adoption!
More Crypto Adoption!

NEO Holders Can Now Make Purchases with Apple & Samsung Pay

In yet another sign of positive developments in the world of cryptocurrencies, NEO has made a surprise partnership. In an announcement, NEO and Zeux have officially made a partnership which will allow NEO token holders to spend their tokens via Apple & Samsung Pay.

Zeux are a London based fintech app which allows users to convert their cryptocurrency easily to other forms of payment. This means that NEO holders worldwide will be able to pay for goods at stores easily.

As per the announcement:

Frank Zhou, Founder and CEO of Zeux, said: "We're delighted to announce that we will be adding NEO to our list of cryptocurrencies. We believe that NEO is paving the way for a smart economy by giving developers the tools to deploy and scale their own smart contract applications without learning another unique language. This strategic partnership will help us build upon our current infrastructure and expand our service to a larger audience."

As per now many on Twitter have received the news happily. This will most likely push the price of NEO, which is currently trading at $9.75, higher.

A Bit About NEO

NEO is a smart contract supporting blockchain, that can be compared with Ethereum & EOS easily. NEO aims at building a "smart economy" with the use of dApps, smart contracts and smart identities. It's proof of work algorithm is apparently faster than Ethereum's.

Final Thoughts

NEO's partnership with Zeux, which allows Apple & Samsung Pay is one of many positive developments in the cryptocurrency world. Should the good news keep on coming, we might see market caps soaring high. It all currently depends on institutional adoption and use cases for these currencies.



Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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