Microsoft Unveils Azure Blockchain Tokens in Preview
Microsoft Unveils Azure Blockchain Tokens in Preview

Will Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Adoption Come from Super-Brands?


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have managed to draw the attention of not only the public.  Super-brands like Nike and big tech with Facebook's Libra & Kik's Kin. Even Kodak was reportedly planning an ICO and launch of Kodakcoin sometime in 2018.

Facebook's Libra might never be released, Kik's KIN token is pretty inactive currently, & the Kodakcoin ICO never launched. Nonetheless, enthusiasm for blockchain tech & cryptocurrencies is far from dying out amongst many big companies.

Just yesterday Microsoft has revealed an Azure Blockchain Token based on Ethereum's blockchain.


Microsoft's Azure Blockchain Token & Ethereum

The new token that Microsoft has unveiled is the Azure Blockchain Token which will offer a multitude of services for businesses. It will allow companies to build and define ledger-based tokens primarily for supply chains.

These tokens will most likely not be openly traded on exchanges. For more specific information on Microsoft's Azure Blockchain Token, check out the video below.


Will Mainstream Adoption Come from Super Brands?

As more and more large companies make adoption of tokenization & blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency ecosystem grows. This could help with mainstream recognition and adoption among individuals with Bitcoin & Ethereum.

We might even hear of other enormous corporations in the near future making use of blockchain and tokenization. This could become the mass adoption cryptocurrency traders have all been waiting for.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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