McAfee's New Privacy Coin GHOST Whitepaper to be Released Friday
McAfee's New Privacy Coin GHOST Whitepaper to be Released Friday

Could GHOST Beat the Likes of Monero & Zcash?

Back in February, the inventor of the famous antivirus software and cryptocurrency enthusiast, John McAfee announced GHOST. McAfee announced the project via Twitter and elaborated how it would be unique.



McAfee's privacy coin will be the one of the first privacy coins to use a Proof-of-Stake mining algorithm as opposed to Proof-of-Work. Their website proudly touts that it will make you a "ghost" while transacting online. Additionally, the new privacy coin will be able to be linked seamlessly with McAfeeDEX and other DEX's.

GHOST's Whitepaper and other details are due to be released within the next 48 hours. Holders of ESH tokens will receive GHOST at launch for free on the 25th of March as an airdrop. Users can also receive GHOST rewards by running a masternode or staking.

It seems that GHOST will have a total and limited supply of 55,000,000 and an initial supply of 13,573,415.

For each block minted on the GHOST's blockchain 6 new GHOST tokens will be created with a set reward structure. 3 tokens will be split between masternodes, 2 will go to stakers and 1 will go to future development.


McAfee & Cryptocurrencies


John McAfee has been a staple character in the world of cryptocurrencies for the past few years. He has promoted projects, commented on tech, and mined Bitcoin in the past. Despite that, he seemingly only launched one token in the past, called WHACKD.

WHACKD seemed to accomplish its mission of bringing attention to the questionable death of Wall Street financier Jeffery Epstein. Not long after "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" seemingly became a meme but the token lacked an actual use-case.

With privacy in mind, connection to DEX's and a free airdrop to excite the crowds, GHOST might fare much better.



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