Crypto Enthusiast John McAfee Drops Out of U.S. Presidential Race
Crypto Enthusiast John McAfee Drops Out of U.S. Presidential Race

Will There be Any Cryptocurrency Friendly Presidential Candidates Left?

The U.S. Presidential Elections are coming up soon and the list of candidates is becoming narrower by the second. So far more than a few Democratic candidates dropped out of the race, including Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg and Andrew Yang to name a few. Both Bloomberg and Yang were pro Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to a certain extent.

Earlier today, yet another pro cryptocurrency candidate just dropped out of the race.


McAfee Drops Presidential Aspirations


Probably best known for creating McAfee antivirus, John McAfee is also known for his influence in the world of cryptocurrencies, his wild lifestyle, and presidential campaigns.  McAfee campaigned in 2016 to be the Libertarian Party's candidate for the 2016 presidential elections. He was even featured in the Libertarian Party's first televised debate with fellow candidates Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen.

Gary Johnson eventually won the nomination and tapped Petersen to be his running mate.

Despite being on the run from U.S. authorities McAfee later began his 2020 campaign. He announced earlier today that he is terminating his campaign.



It seems that McAfee is now seeking to be Vermin Supreme's Running mate. Supreme is a performance artist and Libertarian Party activist best known for wearing a big rubber boot on his head. While Supreme does not have many statements on Bitcoin per say, as a Libertarian Party candidate he probably doesn't have any issue with cryptocurrencies.

Should Vermin accept McAfee's offer, and win the Libertarian Party primaries the Libertarian party could end up with a very entertaining pair of candidates.


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