McAfee & BSV's Ugly Twitter War
McAfee & BSV's Ugly Twitter War

Will the Real Satoshi be Revealed Just to Humiliate BSV?

ohn McAfee is a lot of things & he fits the bill for an eccentric billionaire. He created the world's first antivirus, ran several successful companies, was a presidential candidate in 2016 & was even a person of interest in a murder. The colorful character has become a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies & blockchain in recent years. During the past few days McAfee & Calvin Ayre, CEO of CoinGeek and vocal BSV supporter in a harsh back and forth on Twitter.

What's Going on With Ayre?

Calvin Ayre is pretty much BSV's representative on Twitter. Craig Wright has deleted his personal Twitter account months ago, leaving Ayre at the helm. CoinGeek, which is led by Ayre is BSV's biggest mining pool which explains his connection to Wright & personal interest in BSV.

Since the delisting of BSV from Binance, Ayre seems to have been dedicating his time tweeting. His tweets generally are either praise of Wright & BSV or threatening users with lawsuits.

Ayre even went as far as comparing Wright with Jesus Christ.

McAfee VS Ayre

It seems that McAfee can't avoid a good fight, or at least a hilarious exchange. The rift between McAfee & Wright began last month when McAfee tweeted to Ayre: "John McAfee here. As unsolicited advice from the King of Badass, this is a dark alley you are wandering down. Unfortunately, by your association to the crypto world, you are dragging us with you down that alley. You are a bright man. Pause for a moment and look at your reality,"

Ayre was responded with: "Ya like I need advice from someone wanted in Belize for murdering his neighbour like McAfee is. It was a pool party get over it,"

When the BSV delisting drama began, the McAfee Ayer feud revitalized:

Later McAfee joined in with the many Hodlnaut supporters & demanded that BSV be delisted from exchanges. Ayre later branded McAfee an "idiot" and resumed his treats against trolls & regular Wright is Satoshi shenanigans.

Two days ago, McAfee took the feud to the next level & hinted that Ayre is a pedophile in a tweet:

"Our next "if My Life Was a Movie" award is going to CALVIN AYRE. We will be fair. We will not mention, for example, his Twitter photo with a 21 year old woman whom he has known for "years". There's simply no way to describe such unexpectedness. "Divine absurdity" comes closest."

The tweet was later followed by another tweet with this image:

Grab the Popcorn

Currently McAfee claims that he is going to start naming names. He claimed on Twitter that he knows who the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto & he is going to expose it. His reasoning is to prove that Craig Wright is not Satoshi. While this could be seen as a spiteful move on McAfee's part, it would be interesting.

The Bottom Line

The flame war between the BSV team & McAfee is far from over. If McAfee can prove beyond reasonable doubt the true identity of Satoshi & it isn't Wright, it could be embarrassing for BSV. Only time will tell who the real winners and losers are.




Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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