Major British Banks Report Outages of Online Services - Bitcoin Fixes This
Major British Banks Report Outages of Online Services - Bitcoin Fixes This

RBS, Lloyd's & Halifax All Suffer from New Year's Day Outages


2020 has rolled in and a new decade is upon us. While many are nursing off hangovers and enjoying a day off, some in Britain have experienced a slightly less fun start to the new year. Many have reported issues with their online banking apps and online services. It seems that this is a problem occurring across three separate large banks in the United Kingdom, which includes RBS, Lloyd's, & Halifax.

While the RBS, Lloyd's and Halifax have posted apologies for the error, many of their customers still vented frustration. Some have threatened to change banks, close their accounts or file formal complaints.

It appears that this online banking outage is not limited to users in a specific geographic region. Users from all corners of the U.K. have been reporting similar issues. While this is likely to be resolved in the next few hours or so, it still leaves millions without access to their bank account.

Issues such as these with banks, generally reinforce the need for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A HSBC recently closed a bank account associated with the Hong Kong protests earlier this year. With cryptocurrencies there are no outages or sudden account shut-downs which grants them a need in modern society.

Let's hope that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies manage to grow in adoption and make banking irrelevant.



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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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