Lisk Leads All Other Cryptocurrencies on GitHub Commits
Lisk Leads All Other Cryptocurrencies on GitHub Commits

Will We See Lisk's Price Follow?

Github is an important tool for nearly any open source programming project. It gained a special place of importance with cryptocurrency projects, as most cryptocurrency developers submit commits on the website. These commits upgrade the code behind the cryptocurrency or improve on it in some way.


Lisk, GitHub, & CryptoMiso

Earlier this week, CryptoMiso, a website that tracks different cryptocurrency projects commits on GitHub updated their rankings. Surprisingly Lisk (LSK) leads the list with 4731 different commits with just 63 different contributors over the past 12 months.



Despite being ranked #43 on CoinGecko and trading at $1.19 currently, it seems that quite a lot of development is done on the blockchain. This could be in part due to the ease to program in Lisk as all code is written in JavaScript and TypeScript. Most other cryptocurrencies usually require learning a new and specific language such as Ethereum's Solidity.

Just below Lisk are AELF (ELF) & Chainlink (LINK) with close to 4500 commits each. Bitcoin (BTC) the world's most popular cryptocurrency is listed at #11, with 2169 commits from over 100 contributors.

Essentially, checking the number of commits on GitHub is important as it shows the team's progress and dedication to the project. This is a good "litmus test" to see if a project is still being developed and supported by its community.

As these blockchains get improved on GitHub, and more things such as dApps are built on their infrastructure, their number of usecases will grow. This could in-turn improve the price of these projects.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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