LibertyX Reaches 20000 Retail Bitcoin Locations Including CVS Rite Aid and 7 Eleven
LibertyX Reaches 20000 Retail Bitcoin Locations Including CVS Rite Aid and 7 Eleven

Is Bitcoin's Mass Adoption Around the Corner?

LibertyX the largest provider of Bitcoin ATMs & cashiers across the United States have hit a milestone in their expansion. They have reached a whopping 20,000 retail locations across the US which includes convenience stores and pharmacies. This notably includes Rite Aid, CVS, and 7-Eleven locations. In addition to retail locations LibertyX also has 5000 debit accepting Bitcoin ATMs across the US.

A map of the locations can be found via the LibertyX app, or on their website The app can also be used to purchase Bitcoin as well.

"Bitcoin is one of the most exciting innovations over the last decade, but adoption has been limited by trust and accessibility. We wanted to expand our footprint so anyone can buy bitcoin at familiar locations they drive or walk by daily," said LibertyX CEO Chris Yim


LibertyX's "Bitcoin on Every Block" Promo

As part of the celebration of their expansion LibertyX have revealed a "Bitcoin on Every Block" promotion. In it they announced that they are waiving conversion fees from most retailers until July 31, 2020. The $4.95 retailer service fee and miner fee will still remain, however.

The expansion of Bitcoin ATMs, Kiosks and cashiers signifies a growing interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the US. Additionally, Bitcoin & cryptocurrency ATMs and help the adoption of Bitcoin as it is one of the easiest ways to purchase cryptocurrencies. This is especially true for older generations who could struggle with online exchanges.


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