Is Kyber's Volume the Reason It Climbed 33% in 24 Hours?
Is Kyber's Volume the Reason It Climbed 33% in 24 Hours?

Why Did Kyber Rally When Most Other Cryptocurrencies are in the Red?

Most cryptocurrencies are in the red today and are reporting minor losses. The majority have lost minor amounts which is on average less than 1%. This includes Bitcoin (BTC) which lost 0.46%, Ethereum (ETH) which took a larger hit at 0.94% and XRP which slid by 0.38%.

There were a few that managed to make some gains, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which gained 1.10%. Others include Bitcoin SV (BSV) which grew by 6%, but today's biggest surprise was Kyber (KNC). The Kyber Network rallied by 32% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.780758. This is the highest price Kyber has seen since mid-2018.

Kyber is part of Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem and is a DEX of sorts that allows easy token ERC-20 swaps.           



Kyber's Volume Causing Rally?


Earlier today Kyber released a few tweets that might have strengthened the rally we've seen today. The timing of the first tweet is marked approximately by the red X and referred to Kyber's volume as a DEX. It was originally tweeted by blockchain advisor Anndy Lian and was immediately retweeted by the Kyber Network.



A few hours later Kyber tweeted regarding their pretty large volume. They tweeted that Kyber has facilitated $138 million in value in on-chain trades in February. This is Kyber's all-time-high of activity and could be one of the reasons for its rally. Another possible reason is anticipation for Kyber's Katalist upgrade which is due to release in 2020 and which contains many improvements to the network.

Kyber's rise seems to be a sign that while Bitcoin seems a bit stuck in its tracks for now, Altseason seems to still be going strong.



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