Klieman VS Wright Looking Bleak for Wright
Klieman VS Wright Looking Bleak for Wright

BSV Creator Craig Wright Seems to be Losing Court Battle

There is quite a lot you can say about Craig Wright; he might be cryptocurrency's most divisive figure. He is primarily known for founding Bitcoin Cash fork, Bitcoin SV & for his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He also has an almost "cult-like" following from his supporters.

Recently, Wright has been in a complicated legal case with the brother of his previous business partner Dave Klieman. Unfortunately, Dave Klieman passed away in 2013. Ira Klieman has sued Craig Wright over a large amount of Bitcoin that Wright & his brother allegedly mined during Bitcoin's early days. The amount of Bitcoin is estimated between 550,000 and 1,100,000 Bitcoins. Seeing that Bitcoin is just below $11K in its U.S. Dollar value, this is a court case for Billions.

What's Going on In Court?

Recently a New York based lawyer specializing in cryptocurrencies, Daniel Kelman shared his legal opinion on the case. It seems that currently things are not looking the best for Wright. He has repeatedly been unable or refused to provide wallet addresses to the judge that should have held those Bitcoin in question. Craig claimed several times that the funds are held in a "blind trust" that he is unable to access.

It seems currently that Klieman holds all the cards. Wright's only option at this point would be to settle in court. Settling could be in Wrights favor and he could even request that Klieman declare him as Satoshi Nakamoto as part of the deal.

It does however seem unlikely. Seeing that the ball is in Klieman's court, he would likely demand half, if not more of the Bitcoin in question to settle. This might be too large a request for Wright and he would be unlikely to comply.

This leaves Wright at a big disadvantage at this point & time and could hypothetically land him a prison sentence.  


We will follow this story & update it as progresses.



Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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