Jorg Molt's Claim Gets Ridiculed with Memes
Jorg Molt's Claim Gets Ridiculed with Memes

Did the Self-Declared "Bitcoin Co-Founder" Jorg Molt Manage to Discredit Himself?


It probably isn't easy to declare yourself as Bitcoin's anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. So far, there were 3 individuals who have claimed to either be Satoshi Nakamoto or part of a group behind the moniker. This started with Craig Wright of BitcoinSV, who was first to make the claim, and continued by James Bilal Khalid Caan.

Earlier this week we've covered the latest in line to declare himself the mysterious co-founder of Bitcoin, Jorg Molt.


Crypto Twitter Reacts to Jorg Molt's

Nearly every self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto has faced ridicule from the cryptocurrency community. Many rejected and some mocked Craig Wright's claim since it surfaced in Wired on December 2015. Caan's claim faced a similar fate, with meme's sprouting in different forums and social media.

Jorg Molt's claim is a bit different than Craig Wright and Caan's. Unlike Wright and Caan, Molt claims to have been part of a mysterious group that was behind the label of Satoshi Nakamoto. Molt merely claims to be a co-founder of Bitcoin and proudly touts that name on social media. Additionally, to his claim to co-founding Bitcoin Molt additionally claims ownership of 250,000 Bitcoin. This would equate roughly to $2 Billion USD.

As a newcomer to the public spotlight, Molt's claims resulted in a flurry of memes and jokes.

Jorg Molt's History of Claims

While Molt shot to semi-notoriety following Kenneth Bosak's video in which Bosak audibly calls Molt a scammer. As a popular podcaster, Bosak's video brought a lot of attention to Molt and his various claims.

It appears that Jorg Molt has been active and circulating in mostly German cryptocurrency meetups & interviews since at least 2016. This can be seen in the following videos here and here. His first claim to be a co-founder of Bitcoin seemingly started with the Blockchain World Conference which took place in Florida 2018.

Since then he made multiple appearances as a "co-founder" of Bitcoin and has made some pretty bizarre claims. He appeared multiple times on the cryptocurrency podcast Wild West Crypto Show since roughly 10 months ago.

One of his strangest claims is that he can hack Ethereum, the world's second most popular cryptocurrency.


Molt's Contridictions

More than a few people discrediting Molt's claims, including Andreas Antonopoulos and even Craig Wright's business partner Calvin Ayre. A website even popped up dedicated to tracking Molt's life to disprove his claim.

We believe the best way to see if Molt has any credibility is to analyze the "proof" he has produced. Molt claimed repeatedly to own 250,000 Bitcoin. On his recent appearance on the Wild West Crypto Show, Molt showed a video of his alleged wallet, not his actual wallet. These sorts of videos are easy to fake and cannot be considered a credible source. In addition to that the amount of Bitcoin he allegedly owns in the video is higher than the amount he claims to own.

In the video, should you freeze frame at 59:37, you can faintly see the amount of Bitcoin listed as 476,000 BTC. This is a much higher number than his claimed 250,000 BTC. It seems that Molt has discredited his own claims.


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