John McAfee Circulates Man-Made Coronavirus theory
John McAfee Circulates Man-Made Coronavirus theory

Could McAfee's Conspiracy Theory be Correct?


Computer programmer and creator of McAfee antivirus, John McAfee has been involved in many different projects in recent years. Several months ago, he began promoting a parody Twitter account titled "South China Zombie Research Centre". Oddly enough the Coronavirus currently ravaging parts of China and Asia is probably as close to a zombie disease we've seen in recent times.

Earlier today McAfee posted a tweet that contained a U.S. Patent information on a British Institute that had a patent on Coronavirus.

While this patent does exist and can be viewed here, the Pirbright Institute which filed the patent claims no relation to the outbreak. In a blogpost published 2 days ago, they have claimed to not work with human Coronaviruses just livestock related Coronaviruses. They have also claimed that the disease ravaging Asia is a new strain of the virus.

Apparently, Coronavirus is an umbrella term for a family of respiratory illnesses including SARS and MERS.

Surprisingly several patents on the Coronavirus have ben released in recent years and many have been posted as a reply to McAfee's tweet.

While McAfee could be correct, one must keep in mind that there is no substantial evidence that the Coronavirus pandemic is manmade. It does fuel our imagination and usually plays a plot arc in Hollywood zombie and apocalyptical movies. Either way it is doubtful anyone will find the truth anytime soon.


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