Holochain's CEO Alleged Lewd Instagram Account Uncovered
Holochain's CEO Alleged Lewd Instagram Account Uncovered

Will Mary Camacho's Personal life Affect Holochain?

Launched in 2018, Holochain (HOT) managed to break many expectations. The project which initially began as an ICO managed to keep managed to deliver some of its promises and grown in value. This is one of the handful of ICOs to do so. It is currently ranked at #43 on Coinmarketcap and is trading at $0.000683.

Holochain aims on being a smart contract based scalable blockchain with dApp support. Its goals are close to that of Ethereum in many ways although Holochain has yet to launch their mainnet.

Recently various cryptocurrency communities have been digging into details of Mary Camacho's personal life. The alleged details revealed about Holochain's CEO has leaked to the internet and has left many shocked.


CEO of Holochain and Possibly Rope Enthusiast Dominatrix

Prior to Camacho's involvement as Executive Director of Holochain, she apparently headed a few tech projects and companies. This includes her role as Founder & President of JoyaSolutions and her role in the Business Leadership Team of Ceptr Project.

Apparently, Camacho has also been involved in projects that are not tech related. In 2017 prior to Holochain, she created an Indiegogo fundraiser for a "Studio Friction - A Progressive Denver Rope Studio". Additionally a now deleted Instagram account was filled with alleged lewd and not-safe-for-work photographs apparently of Camacho. While it is possible that another person ran the account, it has been removed some time earlier today when these accusations were breaking.

Some users on Twitter have gone as far as accusing Camacho of being a sex worker. The previously deleted Instagram account has been archived.

While this is not related to technical or economic aspects of Holochain, such leaks tend to damage the integrity of a project. This could cause some to second guess whether they should purchase Holochain as an investment and affect sentiment.


We have tried to reach out to Mary Camacho for a response, but as per yet have not received a reply.

We support consenting adults to participate in whatever they're into, Camacho should have made her account private.


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