Hive Now Listed on Hotbit and Binance
Hive Now Listed on Hotbit and Binance

Will More Exchanges List HIVE?

Earlier today 2 large exchanges have announced that they will list HIVE. These exchanges were Binance and HotBit which have both tweeted regarding the listing. This brings the number of exchanges that list HIVE to a total of 6. Other exchanges that list HIVE trading pairs includes Bittrrex, Huobi Global, MXC, and ProBit Exchange.


While trading is currently open on Binance and pairs such as HIVE/USDT, HIVE/BTC, and HIVE/BNB are currently live, deposits and withdrawals of HIVE will be available on the 29th. On HotBit the situation is reversed, with deposits currently live, and trading starting tomorrow.


HIVE vs Steem

A blockchain-based social media network that rewards users, HIVE forked off of Steemit towards the end of March. Many within the Steem community seemed to dislike TRON's Justin Sun's Purchase of the network. Shortly after SUN's takeover user decided to fork the protocol to create Hive.

So far, it seems that the fork might have been a great idea for both HIVE and Steem holders. On the 2nd of March before the fork or notice of Sun's purchase, Steem was ranked at #78 and trading at $0.177. Currently HIVE is listed at #36 on Coinmarketcap with a price of $0.69, while Steem is ranked at #63 and is trading at $0.213.

So far HIVE has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies during the past week. Despite losing 18% of its value in the past 24 hours, it is still up a whopping 486% this week. It seems that additional listings can possibly push HIVE's price and popularity forward.


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