HitBTC Responds to Allegations
HitBTC Responds to Allegations

Leading Exchange Strikes Back!

HitBTC has recently been at the center of controversy. As we've previously reported, user complaints have seemingly risen over the past few months. Some have even gone as far as to claim that HitBTC is insolvent. Since the publication of our previous article, some individuals have come forth making further complaints. One of the claimants, complained that he was never paid referral fees for 5000 referrals.

It seems that HitBTC have noticed the tide of bad public relations and have been taking steps to maintain their reputation. They have personally responded to our claims on Twitter and released an announcement.

HitBTC Strikes Back

In their announcement, HitBTC state a lot of the obvious. They've never suffered a hack or breach to date. They have been in existence since 2013 (which is impressive) and usually had a decent reputation (until recently at least).

They also responded to most claims and complaints. They claimed that the few KYC issues were isolated cases and that most complaints are paid opposition. As per their announcement:

"HitBTC is the most technologically advanced digital asset spot trading platform operating since 2013. We focus on security of the custody and the platform. That's why we never got hacked. Rumors and unfounded allegations are mostly spread by non-professionals or being paid for. Our custody has never lost user assets. There are no irregularities in platform's performance or balance sheet. We are improving our Public Communication approach."

While the claim that we're non-professional or in someone's pocket stings a bit, we applaud the fact that HitBTC responded. The exchange seems to be making strides in the regards to their community outreach.

So, It's All Good?

Well as we previously mentioned it seems that HitBTC are trying to improve their image. They might begin to take user complaints a bit more seriously and do some much-needed improvements with their customer support. A more pro-active support team might help HitBTC regain its reputation.

There is just one remaining issue and its a big one.

Joan Gald does not seem to exist. We've searched Google, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. No records of a Joan Glad exist on the internet. An announcement regarding trust, security, and  an improvement of customer support seems pointless if you use a fake name.


Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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