Ethereum Nodes Not Syncing - Possible Attack Underway
Ethereum Nodes Not Syncing - Possible Attack Underway

Users Are Urged to Update Their Nodes to the Latest Version


2019 has not been Ethereum's year. Its price hasn't moved in its USD valuation and declined in its BTC evaluation. The second most popular cryptocurrency also went through two separate hard forks to improve their blockchain. An additional hard fork is scheduled for tomorrow. These hard forks did not airdrop a new cryptocurrency as with some hard forks.

It seems that Ethereum's issues are not over yet. The cryptocurrency has apparently been encountering problems with nodes not syncing. This could be the result of a possible attack on Ethereum's blockchain. Ethereum's official twitter account seemingly verified this claim by sharing a retweet.

Ethereum have recommended that users using parity nodes update their client at the soonest possible moment. Parity is one of the more popular Ethereum clients. It serves miners, node operators and exchanges. It essentially powers the Ethereum blockchain and handles over $50 Billion in assets.

It seems that Ethereum's hard fork history of 2019 has been a troubled one. The upcoming Muir Glacier hard fork may fix the issues that Ethereum is currently experiencing. The odd choice of a date for the Muir Glacier update may cause some not to upgrade clients, however. Seeing that it was scheduled on New Year's day, some staff might still be nursing off a hang-over or possibly still on a holiday vacation.

We have attempted to reach out to Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin for a response via Telegram but have yet to receive a reply.


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