Ethereum from Hex's Flush Address Moved to Binance
Ethereum from Hex's Flush Address Moved to Binance

Mystery Transaction Raises Questions Regarding HEX


Ever since its launch, HEX has raised suspicion amongst the cryptocurrency community. Some have been vocally claiming that the new cryptocurrency project launched by Richard Heart is a scam. Despite that mentions of HEX were common and it was even featured on the website thepiratebay.

While we do not have the time or resources to make a decisive judgement, they have had some questionable moments. This includes very high referral fees and questionable YouTube promoters who were associated with Bitconnect.

It appears that another red flag has just surfaced with HEX.


Ethereum Sent to Binance? & Richard Heart Brief Q&A

It seems that the flush address belonging to HEX transferred 195 Ether to Binance. This seems to indicate a liquidation of the Ether in question. This is a bit odd since 195 Ether is not a huge amount. In USD value it only amounts to roughly $25,000.

Seeing this mysterious transaction to Binance, we reached out directly to Richard Heart on Telegram and asked him a few questions.

Q - Is this wallet yours or associated with HEX?

Heart - That is the flush address:

Q - Do you know why 195 Ether was transferred to Binance?

Heart - Probably for things that will never ever benefit you or anyone you know.

Q - Will HEX be listed on any additional exchanges?

Heart - I get messages every other day about exchanges that want to list HEX.

Q - Why do you think people are spreading FUD in your opinion?

Heart - @HEXfud click pinned

Q - What makes HEX a unique project in your opinion?

Heart - If you actually want to do a good job, you're going to need to read the following: @HEXaa click pinned


The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, we could not receive a clear response from Richard regarding the transfer of the 195 Ethereum. It is unlikely that it is a listing fee as Digibyte's Jared Tate once discussed Binance's high listing fee, which is greater than $25,000.

Time will tell what the future holds for HEX.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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