Ethereum's Muir Glacier Hard Fork Largely Successful
Ethereum's Muir Glacier Hard Fork Largely Successful

Will Ethereum's 2020 Be Bright as a Result?


While Ethereum might have had a bit of a rough 2019, a brand new year and decade is upon us. This year began with Ethereum's Muir Glacier hard fork which was scheduled on the yesterday. This is roughly one month after the Istanbul hard fork which went through.

Muir Glacier & Ethereum

While the date of the hard fork was a bit of an odd choice and raised some eyebrows, it seems that it was largely successful. As per now over 93.8% of nodes were ready and their clients were upgraded, leaving a small 6.2% remaining.  This remaining 6.2% is likely the nethermind client which is listed as "syncing" as per

We have contacted Vitalik via Telegram for a comment to which he responded with: "The Muir hard fork has started Binance will support it as well"

While we hoped to get a juicier quote, we will suffice with that for now. It seems that this is a great way for Ethereum to start the new year.

It seems that 2020 will be an important year for Ethereum with Ethereum 2.0's anticipated launch. A migration from a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain to a proof-of-stake blockchain is anticipated to go underway.

Muir Glacier hard fork went smoothly despite plenty of naysayers and being scheduled on a public holiday. Seeing this, one can hope that future network upgrades and hard forks go just as smoothly in the future.


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