Ethereum Releases Update Regarding Highly Anticipated ETH 2.0
Ethereum Releases Update Regarding Highly Anticipated ETH 2.0

Will Ethereum 2.0 Launch Soon?

It has been roughly 5 years since Ethereum officially launched and changed the world of cryptocurrencies by introducing smart contracts. Since then many other projects have been adding smart contract support and tokenization.


Ethereum 2.0?


Ethereum has long been discussing ETH 2.0, which will include many upgrades including sharding and a switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. It appears that despite some nay-sayers it will be released sooner than possibly anticipated. In an interview with The Block, Ethereum's founder Vitalik Buterin hinted that ETH 2.0 might be released as soon as April.

The official Ethereum blog, has recently posted its 10th update regarding ETH 2.0 which seemingly strengthens Buterin's claim.



The blog post includes a few notable updates, such as the completion of Least Authority Phase 0 audit. Essentially the audit took a deep look at potential denial of service (DoS) attacks and that resources in the ecosystem are properly managed. The full audit can also be viewed here.

Another point of interest is the merging of ETH1 and ETH 2.0's discord servers to ease communications as they are over-lapping.

Finally, the blog post discusses the Phase 0 Pre-Launch Bounty Program. This is a public bounty program with rewards up to $10,000 for discovering bugs.

The launch of the bounty program seems to show that ETH 2.0 is in its final stages before it's release. Perhaps Vitalik was correct and we will see ETH 2.0 launch before this summer.


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