Enigma Reveals Blockchain Based Private Tracing for Covid19
Enigma Reveals Blockchain Based Private Tracing for Covid19

Could Blockchain Tech Help Fight the Coronavirus?

The Covid19 virus, commonly known as the Coronavirus has been causing havoc across the globe. Many across the globe are staying at home as an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, although infection & death rates keep on climbing. Many governments have revealed measures to combat the virus that deeply affect individual privacy of those suspected to be carriers.

As such, it was a matter of time until a blockchain based solution to combat the virus has been released. Enigma, a privacy solution for smart contracts on Ethereum is probably the first to do so. They have unveiled SafeTrace, a new platform in a recent tweet.


The SafeTrace platform will allow users to share their personal health data privately. Users will be able to add their location, health data and infection status privately on the platform without having to worry about government intervention.

SafeTrace's platform is currently a prototype but is expected to reveal a minimum-viable-product in the near future. Currently they are looking for collaborators in the medical field to assist them, as well as programmers and volunteers to provide sample data.

Hopefully the platform will be released to the public soon to help combat the Coronavirus.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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