DMCA Takedown Issued for Accounts That Poked Fun at Samson Mow
DMCA Takedown Issued for Accounts That Poked Fun at Samson Mow

Can Censorship Stop Memes?


Blockstream's CSO Samson Mow is well known for vocally criticizing pretty much any cryptocurrency which is not Bitcoin. He has focused his attention primarily on Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and even the media outlet The Block on Twitter. Mow tends to dish out criticism but seemingly cannot deal with jokes on his behalf in a healthy manner.

This began a few months ago when a Twitter user known as @karbonbased also known as Joshua Davis started sharing memes about Mow & his girlfriend Lina Seiche. Seiche is the CMO of the BTSE exchange which is launching a token sale based on Blockstream's Liquid technology. Mow has been in a very public relationship with Seiche and shared many images of them together on Twitter.

Davis posted memes ridiculing Samson and poking fun at his masculinity or lack thereof. This became notorious with the "gym friend" meme which is still popular on corners of Reddit, Twitter & 4chan. This caused Mow to tweet up a storm criticizing "sexism" and creepy behavior.


Twitter Accounts Closed

Davis kept on lampooning many in the cryptocurrency space and meme'd Mow from time to time. It seems that this may have come to a temporary halt, however. Many accounts that have took part in the Mow memes have been suspended or removed.

Many popular accounts that have participated in the memes have been suspended, locked or removed. This includes Davis's account, @karbonbased, @DanDarkPill, & parody account @gym_friend to name a few.

It appears that a marketing company has been contacted to petition to Twitter to remove accounts sharing Mow memes. They have been taken down apparently due to DMCA claims on behalf of Seiche.

Seiche denies hiring a service to report accounts on her behalf. It is also important to note that many Bitcoin maximalists such as Jameson Lopp claim that the website is a hoax.

These claims seem unlikely at the moment, as Seiche's name is on the document above.

The biggest question now is: Is cryptocurrency censorship now spreading to Twitter?


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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