Digibyte Climbs by 10% following a MyDigiPassword Teaser
Digibyte Climbs by 10% following a MyDigiPassword Teaser

Could Digibyte Become a Top 40 Coin Again?

Digibyte (DGB) had another great day today with its price climbing roughly 10% in the past 24 hours. It has risen several rankings on Coinmarketcap as a result and is currently trading at $0.004553 per coin. Digibyte has also gained roughly 7% in its Bitcoin evaluation as well and is trading at 0.00000072 BTC.

From a 7-day perspective, Digibyte managed to gain 35% in its fiat valuation. In its Bitcoin valuation, Digibyte managed to gain roughly 30%.



MyDigiPassword & the 10% Daily Rise


Roughly 24 hours ago, which oddly correlates with the 10% surge, Digibyte posted a few tweets. In these tweets, the Digibyte official twitter page teased a new functionality that is about to be released later this year.



The new functionality is called My DgiPassword and has a hashtag campaign on twitter called #MyDigiPassword. It is currently in its beta mode and is expected to roll out in Q2 2020, or sometime this summer.

MyDigiPassword removes the need to use passwords. Instead it makes use of QR codes to identify users. This hypothetically is a more secure and less cumbersome solution.

If Digibyte manages to keep on posting updates and creating interesting functionalities, it could possibly rise further. Perhaps it could even reach the top 40 coins, where it spent much of 2016.


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