Digibyte CEO Blasts Binance's CZ & Tron's Sun in Scathing Twitter Post.
Digibyte CEO Blasts Binance's CZ & Tron's Sun in Scathing Twitter Post.

Is Jared Tate Angry That DGB isn't Listed or Is There More?


Launched in January 2014 by Jared Tate, Digibyte is one of the older altcoins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Altcoin recently has been butting heads with one of the world's largest exchanges Binance.

The conflict began in September following a video call between Digibyte's CEO Jared Tate and Binance's team. Tate claimed that Binance demanded a very hefty fee for listing Digibyte. This fee was a $300,000 deposit along with 3% of Digibyte's circulating supply.

Digibyte's Tate V.S. Binance's CZ & TRON's Sun

While it would likely greatly boost Digibyte's price and adoption, Tate refused Binance's offer. Any dispute between Digibyte and Binance seemed to die down until recently.

Earlier today Tate made a twitter post harshly criticizing Binance's CZ & TRON's Justin Sun. This was later retweeted by Digibyte's main Twitter account. In the Tweet Tate vented his frustration of working 8 years in the cryptocurrency industry which he claimed was hijacked by CZ & Sun. Tate even referred to them as "crooks".

It seems that Tate's tweet might go down as distasteful and might echo faux-pas of other cryptocurrency industry leaders. A tweet such as that might hurt Digibyte's chance of being listed on other exchanges and completely eliminates the chance we'll see it on Binance.

Sometimes silence might be preferable to voicing an unpopular opinion.


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