CZ Launches Aid Effort for Coronavirus - Requests Logistical Support
CZ Launches Aid Effort for Coronavirus - Requests Logistical Support

Can Binance Help Fight the Worst Pandemic in Years?

The Coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan's exotic meat market roughly a week and a half ago. It has been spreading rapidly in Asia and elsewhere. The respiratory virus has claimed the lives of 56 individuals in confirmed cases in China. The official number of affected individuals' hovers around 2000 in China, with some anticipating the real number is much higher.

Seeing the scale and potential threat of such a disease, several relief attempts were launched. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook pledged to donate to organizations helping those affected by the virus. It seems that Binance's CEO, CZ possibly took note of this and launched the Binance relief effort.


Binance's Relief Effort for Fighting the Coronavirus

CZ mentioned on Twitter earlier today that he has dedicated roughly $1.5 million US dollars to stop the spread of the virus and help victims. In a later tweet CZ elaborated that more than 8000 N95 respiratory masks to combat the spread of the disease but has difficulties with logistics. CZ requested that help with sending and distributing those masks in China.

Unfortunately there is no open crowd-fundraiser on Binance to raise larger amounts in an attempt to further battle the Coronavirus.  Seeing that Binance has launched charity projects for both refugees and the Australian Bushfires, we could possibly see a Coronavirus relief charity in the future.

Experts from Singapore's Ministry of Health have claimed that cheaper surgical masks are more effective that N95 masks. Despite this, Binance's effort in combating the worst pandemic in years is highly admirable.


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