Banner's CRO Receives Unique Emoji on Twitter's CRO Receives Unique Emoji on Twitter

Will Ethereum, XRP or Bitcoin Cash be Next?

Earlier today many cryptocurrency fans were surprised to see the official icon of coin pop-up whenever the hashtag #CRO is used. The only other cryptocurrency to receive their own emoji was Bitcoin earlier this year in February. announced this addition earlier today on Twitter in addition to a giveaway.



While CRO is a popular cryptocurrency and is ranked at #12 on CoinMarketCap, many others are ranked above it, such as Ethereum & XRP. Some users have speculated regarding Twitter's addition of the CRO emoji claiming it's a paid promotion. Others began speculating which cryptocurrency will receive an emoji next.

It appears that both the giveaway and the addition of the emoji have not greatly helped the price of CRO currently. It is currently trading at $0.111735 which is 1% lower than yesterday, but it has gained 0.60% in its BTC pairing.

If indeed the addition of the emoji was a paid promotion, many other cryptocurrencies will likely follow step. We could possibly see a TRON or BNB logo on Twitter very soon.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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